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Live Plant

Looking to add a unique fruit plant to your garden? Consider the Pepino live plant! This tropical plant produces juicy, sweet, and mildly flavored Pepino fruit, perfect for adding to salads or eating fresh. Our live plant offer includes healthy, organically grown Pepino plants ready for planting in your garden.

Pepino seeds

Ready to grow your own Pepino fruit? Our Pepino seed offer includes high-quality seeds that are easy to grow and produce delicious, juicy fruit. These seeds are organically sourced, ensuring that you can grow your own pesticide-free and chemical-free Pepino plants. Order now and start growing your own Pepino fruit!

Seed Starter Tray

Want to start growing Pepino fruit but not sure where to begin? Our Pepino starter tray offer includes everything you need to get started, including healthy, organically grown Pepino seedlings ready for planting, a starter tray, and instructions for care. Grow your own delicious Pepino fruit with ease and convenience! Order now.

Garden Tools

Growing Pepino fruit is easy with the right tools! Our garden tools for growing Pepino offer includes everything you need to care for your Pepino plants, including pruning shears, watering cans, fertilizer, and more. These tools are specifically designed for growing Pepino fruit, making it easy to maintain healthy and productive plants. Order now and start growing your own Pepino fruit!

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Pepino Plant

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